Publication Fees and Process

All submission of Manuscripts will attract a vetting fee of N5000 or its equivalence in other currency, payable to The Editor (United Bank for Africa UBA, 1000671032, Nwadinigwe Ikechukwu  Peter). Payment procedure for publication will be notified to the author through e-mail only after the successful review process.



The publication process consists of the following steps:

a)  After receiving the manuscript, a confirmation mail of receipt will be sent to the author.

b)  Review of manuscripts by the editorial board

c)  Manuscripts will be checked by Plagiarism checker software.

d) The manuscripts that meet scientific and editorial standards of the journal will be sent to experts for a   rigorous double blind review in which the identity of both the reviewer and author are concealed from both    parties.


e) Based on the double blind review, the Editor will take decision, which will be communicated to the  author. decisions can be of three types:

i)  Accepted without revision

ii) Re-submit with major or minor revisions

iii) Rejected

f)  The author sends corrected manuscripts, if decision was a or b

g)  After the final review process, the paper will be accepted. A payment request will be sent to the author.

h)  Author needs to deposit publication fee within 5 days after the payment request.

i)   After submission, article will be published

NOTE: The Articles published in the Journal are subject to copyright, reserved by the Department of Educational Foundations (with Educational Psychology), University of Lagos.

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